"One year and two months made us unforgettable time together in Berlin, Germany: hard work but a good experience, understanding and helping each other. Friendship forever!"

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Time to say goodbye!

after we have a good time together for 14 months, it is time to say goodbye. everybody will go back to their home country. it is very sad when we think about the time we say goodbye. Carlos will be the first guy to say goodbye from our mpm0607. however our relationship is forever.

Here it is a few words from our sponsored INWENT for us:

"time is running so fast, it is incredible but in some days 14 months are over and you - the MPM-participants (the MGPP-participants) - will be on the way to your home countries. I heard from the University of Potsdam that everybody of you passed the examination - congratulation ! And tomorrow your graduation ceremony will take place. I'm so sorry that I'm not able to share this important day with you. Nevertheless I wish you a very good graduation ceremony and party.

Some of you will return at home at the end of May others of you will spend some time in Germany or Europe before your return. But after some days or some weeks you will meet again your partners, your families, your kids, your relatives and your employers too.

I think that these 14 months were ful of new experiences for you - I hope above all good ones - and ful of work for your studies and the master thesis and hopefully a lot of fun too. You came together as a group and learnt not only a lot of German culture and behaviour but also about the culture of your class mates. I hope you keep these 14 months in a good memory.

I wish you a good return flight, a safely arrival and all the best for you personally, for your families and for your jobs. Best regards, Renate Gey"
by Dara

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