"One year and two months made us unforgettable time together in Berlin, Germany: hard work but a good experience, understanding and helping each other. Friendship forever!"

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello everybody!

Happy New Year 2009!!!

Gather Around...

Let's gather around...
the Christmas tree where love and hope abounds and share the joy of the Christmasstide and new year 2009.

Gather around...
years, gather around. Let's hang the holly and mistletoe and spread yuletide cheer wherever we go.

Let's sing new year songs beneath the falling snow. Gather around... come, gather around.

Let's dream of Santa's Christmas ride and look on the new year with hope and pride.

Let's share the goodwill that Christmas brings and rejoice the love sent on angels'wings.

Gather around... please, gather around.

from Dara

Thursday, December 11, 2008

VIsit Tokyo, Japan

it is a first time in Tokyo and it is what i like to see in my dream as well. here the capital of Japan and i think beside the high building there are a lot of people who are walking and working in the capital. it is so amazing since it is so crowded. if i compare the train here and Germany, wow!! it is so hard to find the place for sitting we have to push and push in order to find the place for sitting, especially in the time of closing to the working hour.

This is our Japanese friend where we used to see him in Germany !!!!

of course, hard working is key for successful for all kind of work that why Japan can move from the developing country after World War II boosting to developed country and the second economic country in the world. Japan people is hard working and everybody is busy all t he time.

i am appreciated very much with their hard work and of course i can say that Japanese people is the most hard workers in the world even other people in Europe can't compare with them!!!!

it is good experiences for me to learn their culture and how they become a second world economic country after world war II. however i don't like the life of such a challenge like that!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Concept to fulfill legal and judicial reform in Cambodia

I would like to introduce a brief legal and judicial reform in Cambodia which is the priority of the government. The reform policy was formulated according to the concept and values inshrined from the constitution of Cambodia which composed of four main values: (1) human rights, (2) liberal democracy, (3) seperation of power and (4) the rule of law. Through these values, it was established the criteria to fulfill the values and there are 63 interventions to meet the criteria. paralelly, the goal for legal and judicial reform was set up from the concept and values and the seven strategic objectives to reach the goal were set up. In order to meet the strategic objective for legal and judicial reform, 97 activities were formulated. In order to know the activities reach the strategic objective or reach the criteria or not, Key Performance Indicators has been developing and the indicator to assess the impact of the reform has been studying and formulating as well. by Dara

Monday, July 2, 2007

Miss you all!!!!

Hello everybody!
long time to see you all and i hope everything is ok for all of you. now i am a bit busy with my working and i have to follow some other activities in my office because it is a bit long time for me to be out from the office. i knew that everybody is busy and starting to follow the new activities in the office or starting looking for a new job. i just come back from many provinces to follow the new activities in my old projects. next week i will go to another province to organbize a seminar.

anyway, hopefully everybody is fine and you will get promotion soon. actually i am starting missing you all. i hope one day we can meet again. please inform us if you have something new. From Dara!!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Graduation Day

The day where we are waiting for is the Graduation Day for us. For us tt take 14 months to study hard and sacrified ouself to be a student again after we left shool for long time. We are so pround of ourseves to be a Master Degree of Public Management (MPM) title.
Here it is our remarks during graduation ceremony stated by Ariana:

"On this very special occasion, I am extremely honored and delighted to give a word of thanks on behalf of my colleagues and indeed on my own behalf. As I was thinking on how to say and transmit hundreds and everyone’s thoughts in just some few minutes I realized that the best way would be (and it always is) to let you know straight and honestly what this period of our lives meant and how it might have changed us.

Everything started when we got the acceptance notification email which I perfectly remember Klara Staib sent and it said: “My dear future participants, you we chosen to form part pf the next MPM program”, from there on our hearts started to beat faster….
14 Months have already passed by and it seems yesterday when we all were trying to fit, in our 20 Kilo suitcases, everything we did not want to leave behind.
As the Masters started, we had the chance to meet wonderful people without whom nothing of this would have been possible.
Let firstly express my profound gratitude to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and utmost appreciation to our Sponsor International Capacity Building (Inwent), thanks to the leadership of Inwent and the people behind for all their efforts in organizing all the logistical arrangements which ensured our safe and pleasant stay in Germany.

I equally wish to thanks Dr. Gephardt and all staff members in the MPM office for the excellent manner in which they coordinated activities related to the academic program.

I also want to express my profound appreciation to all Professors, who gave us that we have gained significant and different insights on new public management, but in we start talking about management ….

The entire program gave us even better tools to manage not only the public administration and/or any other organization that we have the chance to work for or even run way day!
My colleagues would concur that as much as we have learnt and grown professionally, we have won a new title of managing ourselves in so many different scenarios with so many ups and downs that life brings about.

In synthesis this is a lesson of life where sometimes our friends became our teacher and the teacher became our friends. We learn trough all that happens and strive to be better human beings.

Within this never ending learning process, we only can make sure that those important persons know how we feel and just thank everyone for the simple fact of being (there). YOU (guys) are the people who made this A UNIQUE experience.

It is not possible to mention names of all the people who have been with us in our journey to conquer Germany over the last 14 months. However, it is obvious that the most important part of this is: US!!!

Thanks to each one of you (dear friends) for contributing with a drop of water (an important drop of water) which made the glass always half full. It is unique and an honor to have you all as my second family, we have cemented an everlasting bond of friendship that stretches from Latin America to Africa all the way to Asia.

We have to admit and thank God for letting us being part of such a great project.
The impact that this experience (professional and personal) had on every single one of us cannot by any way be measure or grade.

If before coming to Germany we had some trouble trying to take everything we could fit in our suitcases, now we have a huuuuge problem:

First because we have our heavy title to take home proudly and second and moreover we have tons of feelings and memories of this great friendship.

I have no words to express this to you all and not enough arms to hug you afterwards (as I wish I could) but each one of us have a really big heart in which we will always remain …and I am sure in some years from now, when looking back, we will be able to show it with a smile.
Remember there is no perfect place on earth but we make the most of where we are and what we have, and WE have certainly made the most of THIS!! Dara

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Time to say goodbye!

after we have a good time together for 14 months, it is time to say goodbye. everybody will go back to their home country. it is very sad when we think about the time we say goodbye. Carlos will be the first guy to say goodbye from our mpm0607. however our relationship is forever.

Here it is a few words from our sponsored INWENT for us:

"time is running so fast, it is incredible but in some days 14 months are over and you - the MPM-participants (the MGPP-participants) - will be on the way to your home countries. I heard from the University of Potsdam that everybody of you passed the examination - congratulation ! And tomorrow your graduation ceremony will take place. I'm so sorry that I'm not able to share this important day with you. Nevertheless I wish you a very good graduation ceremony and party.

Some of you will return at home at the end of May others of you will spend some time in Germany or Europe before your return. But after some days or some weeks you will meet again your partners, your families, your kids, your relatives and your employers too.

I think that these 14 months were ful of new experiences for you - I hope above all good ones - and ful of work for your studies and the master thesis and hopefully a lot of fun too. You came together as a group and learnt not only a lot of German culture and behaviour but also about the culture of your class mates. I hope you keep these 14 months in a good memory.

I wish you a good return flight, a safely arrival and all the best for you personally, for your families and for your jobs. Best regards, Renate Gey"
by Dara

Friday, April 20, 2007


This song is called "today"..in spanish is "HOY", the singer wants to say that the places we all come from should not be forgotten because it is our origins and makes us to be what we are now. The song is also a way to say I miss my homecountry and I dont forget it coz I carry it in the blood!!! but it also makes you appreciate all experiences and your presences.
so guys....enjoy and learn spanish...jajajaja just kidding .....love u all Ariana

Aaand... the author of the lyrics and music is Peruvian, aaand... the video was made in Machu Picchu (Cusco, Peru) aaand... it is one of the new 7 wonders ;) =) so guys, anytime! you are more than welcome!!! lost of love!!! Talia