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Monday, July 2, 2007

Miss you all!!!!

Hello everybody!
long time to see you all and i hope everything is ok for all of you. now i am a bit busy with my working and i have to follow some other activities in my office because it is a bit long time for me to be out from the office. i knew that everybody is busy and starting to follow the new activities in the office or starting looking for a new job. i just come back from many provinces to follow the new activities in my old projects. next week i will go to another province to organbize a seminar.

anyway, hopefully everybody is fine and you will get promotion soon. actually i am starting missing you all. i hope one day we can meet again. please inform us if you have something new. From Dara!!!!!


Ariana said...

Hello my dear friends!!. First of all I hope you get to see this soon coz I want to let you know that I miss you all a lot!!! the sooner you read this the better...coz perhaps that way you write back or post something to keep updated, I do not have anything ells to say but I still thing this is important: to let you know you are being missed!!
take good care!!

MPM0607 members said...

many thanks ariana. i hope everybody will use this blog to share information and good news. i am now ok and everything for me is going well even i am still working in the same position as before but i like my job very much. i will try to update all my new information for all of you and hope that our friendship will be forever. hopefully everybody try to share comments and information among us,

miss U!!!!