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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Concept to fulfill legal and judicial reform in Cambodia

I would like to introduce a brief legal and judicial reform in Cambodia which is the priority of the government. The reform policy was formulated according to the concept and values inshrined from the constitution of Cambodia which composed of four main values: (1) human rights, (2) liberal democracy, (3) seperation of power and (4) the rule of law. Through these values, it was established the criteria to fulfill the values and there are 63 interventions to meet the criteria. paralelly, the goal for legal and judicial reform was set up from the concept and values and the seven strategic objectives to reach the goal were set up. In order to meet the strategic objective for legal and judicial reform, 97 activities were formulated. In order to know the activities reach the strategic objective or reach the criteria or not, Key Performance Indicators has been developing and the indicator to assess the impact of the reform has been studying and formulating as well. by Dara

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