"One year and two months made us unforgettable time together in Berlin, Germany: hard work but a good experience, understanding and helping each other. Friendship forever!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

VIsit Tokyo, Japan

it is a first time in Tokyo and it is what i like to see in my dream as well. here the capital of Japan and i think beside the high building there are a lot of people who are walking and working in the capital. it is so amazing since it is so crowded. if i compare the train here and Germany, wow!! it is so hard to find the place for sitting we have to push and push in order to find the place for sitting, especially in the time of closing to the working hour.

This is our Japanese friend where we used to see him in Germany !!!!

of course, hard working is key for successful for all kind of work that why Japan can move from the developing country after World War II boosting to developed country and the second economic country in the world. Japan people is hard working and everybody is busy all t he time.

i am appreciated very much with their hard work and of course i can say that Japanese people is the most hard workers in the world even other people in Europe can't compare with them!!!!

it is good experiences for me to learn their culture and how they become a second world economic country after world war II. however i don't like the life of such a challenge like that!!!!!

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